Visit to Orphanage in Bethelem


Two years ago, our Holy Land Pilgrimage took some pilgrims to an Orphanage in Bethlehem run by the Daughters of Charity.   Pilgrims from Brampton were so touched, before leaving for the Holy Land they handed me an envelope with a pretty substantial donation to present the orphanage. This stop was not on our itinerary,  but it was well worth the effort. Once we met the sisters and the children, our hearts melted and the rest of the pilgrims added to the donations… what generosity! After the women in our group, cuddled and tickled the children, we had to “peel” away their husbands who were at awe while still playing and laughing with them. The little girl in the pink sleeper giggled and squirmed when tickled. She was so happy!

If anyone would like to send donations from here,  please follow the instructions below. Thank you!

Personal checks are hard to cash here and there is a high commission fee on it.
A bank transfer is better.


Our bank account is:
Mercantile-Discount Bank Ltd
Account No 980013-229636
Name: La Compagnie des Filles de la Charite
Saint Vincent de Paul
Swift Code “BARDILIT638”
IL 07 0176 3800 0000 1229 631

Mercantile-Discount Bank Ltd
Salah Eddin
Salah Eddin street 42
Jérusalem 95908
Fax : ++972-2-6288961

In Christ,
Daniela Dalla Via



Maria Giuducci’s Testimony from the Women’s Triduum


I felt a deep call to attend the Women’s Triduum of Renewal in May which was guided my Fr. Todd Arsenault, our wise and gentle “leader of the pack”. The retreat far exceeded my expectations. To have one extra day in quiet prayer and meditation refreshed my soul.

St. Elizabeth said to Our Lady, “who am I that the mother of our Lord come to me?” Similarly, I pondered, “Who am I that Mary’s child Jesus, calls me his Beloved?” Pondering this realization that I am his Beloved was a deep and profound moment for me. I knew that no matter what I’ve done or not done, or where I’ve been or what I’ve said, that my Lord loves me with His unconditional love and still refers to me as His Beloved.

This overflowing love is what molds my heart from one of stone to one of flesh; to a deeper relationship, a deeper conversion and a deeper conviction. I am grateful the Lord inflamed my heart this weekend and increased my longing to spend more time in prayer and meditation with Him, my Beloved.

In prayer, the Lord placed a vibrant burst of joy in my heart that reinvigorated my convictions to my faith and to RC and its mission to the Church. My heart is ready Lord.

“Guide me to where you want me. Increase my faith, my Hope and my charity. Let me always long to seek you in solitude but also in all people you place before me.”

– Maria Guiducci