Regnum Christi is a Catholic movement of evangelization, raised up by the Holy Spirit, to awaken souls to their purpose and mission in life and in the Church. We are a spiritual family who deeply love Christ! We are impelled to reveal His love to others, responding to God’s call within our hearts to seek out, form and send forth apostles, to help the Church build the Kingdom of Christ.
Regnum Christi members strive for holiness, communion and creative apostolic action! First, we ourselves seek to be radically transformed by Christ’s merciful love, then becoming formed in our own Christian leadership so that we may evangelize culture and society.
We desire to build up a civilization of justice and love. Through God’s grace, Regnum Christi members make a commitment to prayer, formation, and personal accompaniment (the sacraments, spiritual direction, mentoring, etc.), and strive to live the faith vibrantly through small groups and community.
In faithful obedience, our members work alongside our local bishops and clergy to offer retreats, formation and education events and outreach programs to help find, form and fuel strong ‘servant leaders’ who can go forth to influence, inspire and ignite many more souls for Christ!


How we are accomplishing our mission:

Faith Formation

bible study(Under the direction of a Legionary of Christ priest)

  • Bible Studies
  • Church History
  • Catholicism & Catechetics
  • FAMILIA Programs for Men, Women and Couples

Spiritual Formation


  • Half-day or Evenings or Reflection for Men, Women, Clergy
  • Spiritual Exercises for Men, Women
  • Certified Training for Spiritual Guides
  • Diocesan Priest Retreats
  • Holy Hour of Adoration
  • Parish Missions

Youth Programs

youth programs

  • On-site Training Missions (Powered by Mission Youth)
  • Training for Youth Leaders

Pilgrimages & Events


  • Pilgrimage to Rome
  • Pilgrimage to Jerusalem/Holy Land
  • Local Pilgrimages