Our goal is to provide ongoing formative means to help people in their spiritual, family, and personal lives. Some of the following programs run for a number of weeks and it is recommended to start at the beginning of the program, other activities and events you are welcome to join anytime. Please contact us for more information on the programs or activities you are interested in. 


ecyd youth group
ECyD is an international Catholic association of youth who participate in programs or activities that spark specific experiences, convictions and decisions that mark their Christian way of life and encourage them to build a lasting friendship with Jesus Christ and be his apostle.



regnum christi conquest
Conquest, through its athletic, educational and creative programs, provides a wholesome atmosphere in which boys naturally develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, their brother and friend. This bond will awaken in each boy a desire to serve as His apostle; it will motivate him to serve Church, home, community and school. In short, the program is designed to produce mature young men who live their Catholic life authentically.

Milton, ON
Ajax, ON
Oakville, ON
Hamilton, ON
International Website


regnum christi challenge
Challenge is a club for girls to grow in virtue, friendship and their Catholic faith. It’s a program for girls to learn about themselves by doing apostolic works and creating a positive impact on family, friends, and the world. The mission of Challenge is to evangelize and transform the world by forming today’s young girls to give their very best to others so that Christian culture will prevail in the hearts of everyone they meet.

Challenge is currently operating in over 150 parishes and schools in US and Canada with over 3500 members, 200 volunteers and 500 teen leaders. Challenge can be led by a parent, volunteer, youth minister or campus minister. Clubs range from 20 to 200 members.

Would you like to sign up for Challenge or do you need more information?
Milton, ON: Please call Mary Jean Belford 905-840-6650 or email challengeinmilton@gmail.com
Oakville, ON
Hamilton, ON
Milton, ON
International Website

Familia Canada

regnum christi familia program
Familia is a Catholic program committed to strengthening all families. It is Familia’s mission to strengthen families by helping men and women live their vocation to marriage and parenthood in all its fullness.

Familia does this by providing a variety of programs for teams of men, women, or couples in a parish or neighborhood. Participants enjoy guided discussions lead by trained facilitators. Small groups use a workbook to help participants prepare and guide the discussions. Each question clearly references back to a portion of the reading where the principle can be discovered and read together during the team meeting.



rc apostles retreats
Spiritual retreats for men, women, youth, and couples are offered annually. Varying in duration each is meant to meet the person where they are at and bring them into a person encounter with Christ that will both transform them and their lives in such a way that they leave full of desire to bring others to have a similar experience.


Every Thursday at 8:30pm

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is held at St Andrew’s Parish (47 Reynolds Street Oakville ON) on Thursdays. A moving reflection is given during the hour as well as prayers said in community and time of silent reflection. There is no better person to spend time with than Jesus Christ truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. Every 3rd Thursday’s adoration is offered for vocations.



International: Trips to Haiti, Mexico, the Philippines  and other places are done in conjunction with Mission Youth. Available for families and young adults.

Local: Outreach events meant to get apostles out on the street bringing the Gospel to people through example and word in a variety of ways.


We offer pilgrimages once or twice a year to various places of spiritual enrichment with the goal inspiring people, helping them to build their faith, and challenging them to bring their experience home as true apostles.

The Holy Land Pilgrimage takes place in May each year, and in the fall we may visit another country such as Italy (Rome and environs), Turkey and Greece (Footsteps of St Paul), etc.

Pilgrimages are non-profit and are available for all ages.
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Summer Camps

camp caribou
Our summer camps seek to bring boys and girls together for a fun and faith filled experience. It also gives them the opportunity to for convictions to live their faith at home and take the decisions necessary to be grounded in that faith. A key aspect during our summer activities is to personally answer any questions they have, and help them discover Christ.

The Three Pillars
  1. Faith & Virtues
  2. Fun & Sports
  3. Friendships

Outreach and Volunteer Opportunities


A few times a year we organize a group to help at the local shelter, especially The Good Shepherd in Hamilton. Living out the works of mercy to ‘feed the hungry’.  Its has proven to be a inspiring experience for all who participate including the highschool students who join us for volunteer hours.
Read a testimony here: http://regnumchristiontario.org/yes-we-will-serve/